Wireless Device Fraud Working Group

A thriving mobile fraud malware market is poised to take full advantage of rapidly advancing sales of smart mobile phones and portable devices. Limiting its success requires a global response based on cooperation, education and awareness.

The Anti-Phishing Mobile Working Group is investigating the expansion of the market for mobile malware and provide a resource for information and solutions in an effort to eliminate the threats that target, exploit, and abuse mobile devices. 

Mobile Financial Fraud The Underground Marketplace

Overview – an APWG White Paper

Now is the time to take stock of an already established market for mobile malware as PC sales continue to decline and mobile devices increasingly present an attractive, practical and economical alternative to traditional desktops. In the next few years, global mobile payments are predicted to exceed $1.3tn.

The Anti-Phishing Mobile Working Group defines these malware markets and the modus operandi of an industry that is self-funding, prosperous, vertically stratified and agile through resources that aim to both educate and raise awareness of the issues.

Types of malware and attack methods under analysis include: spyware, phishing direct attacks, Trojans, worms, apps delivered through malware, pocket botnets and blended attacks, many of which are designed to steal or pilfer money from users. Equally as invasive can be “track and trace” intrusion techniques used to extract intelligence about an owner’s usage, contacts, and habits.

The growing prosperity of the emerging economies sees Asia driving the mobile market but it would be dangerous to under-evaluate the influence of both Africa and South America.

The emerging markets have an important role to play in the expansion of mobile infrastructures and services. Differences in way of life have a bearing on the ultimate success of an underground economy based on supply and demand.

The Anti-Phishing Mobile Working Group will research, educate and inform in an effort to forge greater global understanding of the threats. The Group will provide a forum where different sectors can share information and organize a global response to a global problem.


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APWG Mobile Working Group Co-ordinator:

Jart Armin – jart@apwg.org

General contact & queries: mobile@apwg.com


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