APWG's eCrime Research Program

The Anti-Phishing Working Group eCrime Researchers Summit was conceived by APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy in 2006 as a comprehensive venue to present state-of-the-art basic and applied research into electronic crime, engaging every aspect of its development (technical, behavioral, social and legal) as well as technologies and techniques for electronic crime detection, related forensics and prevention.

The eCRS, brings together the most heterogeneous community of counter-eCrime stakeholders to confer over the latest research, to foster collaborations and to provide a convenient venue for funding agencies to connect with leading principal investigators in the field. Academic and industrial researchers appeared at the APWG's door at the institution's genesis, delineating phishing's contemporary nature and speculating on probable evolutionary trajectories.

Many of the exploits being animated by contemporary phishers were predicted by researchers in the past, giving the counter-eCrime stakeholding community language and concepts with which to grasp the threat at hand. The APWG established the eCRS to honor that contribution, foster its spirit and to organize the creative energy of researchers that would eventually overwhelm the APWG's other meeting venues.

APWG organized the initial 2006 eCRS at Orlando in collaboration with Florida State University, the National Center for Forensic Sciences at the University of Central Florida and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, recognizing at that time the interest in ecrime research being expressed by scholars in a number of fields and within the law enforcement community.

FSU computer science researcher and grants writer Judi Mulholland organized and managed the peer-review committee and worked as editor for the papers for publication of the proceedings by Taylor & Francis. FSU computer science graduate student Peter Henry handled the special logistics of a peer-reviewed conference with APWG Deputy Secretary-Genearal Foy Shiver.

Since then, the APWG team lead by DSG Foy Shiver staged conferences with our academic conference partners in Pittsburgh, 2007 (Carnegie Mellon University); Atlanta, 2008 (University of Alabama and Baylor University); Tacoma, 2009 (University of Washington and Baylor University); and Dallas, 2010 (Southern Methodist University). Today, the eCRS is supported by the IEEE Standards Association which acts as Technical Sponsor to the conference, publishes the conferences proceedings in the IEEE XPlore Digital Library and underwrites the APWG eCrime Fighters Scholarship Program.

The eCRS is and will continue to be a collaborative project of its sponsoring institutions, its chairs, committee members, reviewers, the APWG and its sponsors and, of course, the researchers who share their findings. The APWG gives its thanks to all who are making eCRS a keystone event in the field and to all of those who have helped establish it. And to all of our new collaborators and contributors: welcome.

If you've an interest in participating somehow in this program, please contact info [at] apwg.org.