2017 Accepted Research Papers

2017 Accepted Research Papers

The Symposium on Electronic Crime Research is an annual event hosted by the APWG. The event’s continuing goal is to promote cybercrime research by providing an venue for university researchers to publish their work. The program has published 100’s of papers specifically focused on fraud and crime in the cyber world.

This Year's Published Papers

Classifying phishing URLs using recurrent neural networks

Alejandro Correa Bahnsen ; Eduardo Contreras Bohorquez ; Sergio Villegas ; Javier Vargas ; Fabio A. González

Characterizing key stakeholders in an online black-hat marketplace

Shehroze Farooqi ; Guillaume Jourjon ; Muhammad Ikram ; Mohamed Ali Kaafar ; Emiliano De Cristofaro ; Zubair Shafiq ; Arik Friedman ; Fareed Zaffar

Measuring cyber attribution in games

Andrew Ruef ; Eric Nunes ; Paulo Shakarian ; Gerardo I. Simari

All your cards are belong to us: Understanding online carding forums

Andreas Haslebacher ; Jeremiah Onaolapo ; Gianluca Stringhini

Breaking and fixing content-based filtering

Mayank Dhiman ; Markus Jakobsson ; Ting-Fang Yen

1000 days of UDP amplification DDoS attacks

Daniel R. Thomas ; Richard Clayton ; Alastair R. Beresford