2016 Accepted Research Papers

2016 Accepted Research Papers

The Symposium on Electronic Crime Research is an annual event hosted by the APWG. The event’s continuing goal is to promote cybercrime research by providing an venue for university researchers to publish their work. The program has published 100’s of papers specifically focused on fraud and crime in the cyber world.

This Year's Published Papers

Behind closed doors: measurement and analysis of CryptoLocker ransoms in Bitcoin

Kevin Liao ; Ziming Zhao ; Adam Doupe ; Gail-Joon Ahn

ENTRADA: enabling DNS big data applications

Maarten Wullink ; Moritz Muller ; Marco Davids ; Giovane C. M. Moura ; Cristian Hesselman

Geo-Phisher: the design and evaluation of information visualizations about internet phishing trends

Leah Zhang-Kennedy ; Elias Fares ; Sonia Chiasson ; Robert Biddle

Knowing your enemies: leveraging data analysis to expose phishing patterns against a major US financial institution

Javier Vargas ; Alejandro Correa Bahnsen ; Sergio Villegas ; Daniel Ingevaldson

Profiling underground merchants based on network behavior

Srikanth Sundaresan ; Damon McCoy ; Sadia Afroz ; Vern Paxson

Revisiting password rules: facilitating human management of passwords

Leah Zhang-Kennedy ; Sonia Chiasson ; Paul van Oorschot

Taking down websites to prevent crime

Alice Hutchings ; Richard Clayton ; Ross Anderson

When cybercrimes strike undergraduates

Morvareed Bidgoli ; Bart P. Knijnenburg ; Jens Grossklags