2013 Accepted Research Papers

2013 Accepted Research Papers

The Symposium on Electronic Crime Research is an annual event hosted by the APWG. The event’s continuing goal is to promote cybercrime research by providing an venue for university researchers to publish their work. The program has published 100’s of papers specifically focused on fraud and crime in the cyber world.

This Year's Published Papers

Password advice shouldn’t be boring: Visualizing password guessing attacks

Leah Zhang-Kennedy ; Sonia Chiasson ; Robert Biddle

Voice of the customer

Brad Wardman ; Lisa Kelly ; Michael Weideman

$1.00 per RT #BostonMarathon #PrayForBoston: Analyzing fake content on Twitter

Aditi Gupta ; Hemank Lamba ; Ponnurangam Kumaraguru


Aunshul Rege

Favicon – a clue to phishing sites detection

Guang-Gang Geng ; Xiao-Dong Lee ; Wei Wang ; Shian-Shyong Tseng

Phish-Net: Investigating phish clusters using drop email addresses

Shams Zawoad ; Amit Kumar Dutta ; Alan Sprague ; Ragib Hasan ; Jason Britt ; Gary Warner

Honor among thieves: A common’s analysis of cybercrime economies

Sadia Afroz ; Vaibhav Garg ; Damon McCoy ; Rachel Greenstadt

An inquiry into money laundering tools in the Bitcoin ecosystem

Malte Möser ; Rainer Böhme ; Dominic Breuker