eCrime Research Symposium 2014

September 23, 24 & 25 - Birmingham, AL

eCrime 2013
The APWG is pleased to present eCrime 2014, a combined event that includes the 2014 Fall General Meeting, and eCrime Researchers Symposium. No eCrime or malware researcher or counter-eCrime developer or responder will want to miss this year's event. Please join us at this opportunity to bring yourself up-to-date on phishing and eCrime's evolution across the globe. Count on three full days of cutting presentations on eCrime and eCrime response, expert discussions and in-depth round-tables with updates on APWG projects in development for the counter eCrime community. As well, we will look into the future of the APWG's development and for guidance on managing it from our eclectic member base.

This eCrime Congress will include a one-day, members-only meeting on September 23rd and two full days of open sessions thereafter of programming that will be open to both members and non-members. APWG will examine crimeware's evolution, behavioral vulnerabilities and human factors that contribute to eCrime's success, the roles of Registrars, Registries and DNS in managing phishing attacks, public health approaches to managing the eCrime scourge, as well as breaking news on counter-eCrime efforts and resources.

APWG Members and Non-Members Please Note: The sessions at the Fall General Meeting on September 23th are open to APWG Members Only. APWG organizers will vet all registrants that sign up for the conference. Interlopers will not be accommodated. The subsequent eCrime Researchers Symposium sessions on September 24 & 25 is a public event open to all. If you haven't already, check membership rules and benefits at  Members at the individual level and above are eligible to attend the General Members' meetings.

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