eCR Sync-Up IV - APWG.EU

European CyberSecurity & eCrime Forensics - Data & Metrics

NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany - April 1st to 3rd 2014

The fourth annual APWG eCrime Sync-Up, organised in conjunction with the University College Dublin's Centre for CyberSecurity and Cybercrime Investigation, ACDC - the European anti-botnet project, and supported by “la Caixa” Bank is a three-day exchange of presentations and discussions of eCrime research in progress that, as importantly, provides a venue for networking of researchers within the eCrime research disciplines with law enforcement officials and industrial responders who investigate and manage cybercrime every day.

APWG Sync-Up puts front-line industrial interveners, military, and law enforcement officials together with academic and industrial researchers, engendering a vital cross-sector dialog that helps responders from industry and public-sector law enforcement build their networks and acquire new skills - all the while informing the research of cybercrime researchers who are delineating this still nascent discipline.

For this year's conference, in Oberammergau, Germany on April 1, 2 & 3 will be hosted at the NATO School. The program is an opportunity for the principal investigators within the discipline from academia, industry, military and government to discuss their research, find axes of common interest and establish cross-sector collaborations.

As shown in the title of this eCR Sync-up and in conjunction with the wider APWG project on cyber security and eCrime metrics. Special consideration will be given for presentations focused on the questions of quantification, delineation, and defining the characteristics of cyber security and eCrime.

For example: what about the epidemiology of cybersecurity and eCrime? How many actual instances of malware are detected? Where are the botnets and how many? Who are the victims of cybercrime? Is phishing getting worse or better? Why do some countries have less eCrime issues than others? Is the rapid rise of mobile usage a factor? How many hacks and data breaches actually occur?

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