2016 Accepted Research Papers

Behind closed doors: measurement and analysis of CryptoLocker ransoms in Bitcoin
  Kevin Liao ; Ziming Zhao ; Adam Doupe ; Gail-Joon Ahn
ENTRADA: enabling DNS big data applications
  Maarten Wullink ; Moritz Muller ; Marco Davids ; Giovane C. M. Moura ; Cristian Hesselman
Evaluating randomness in cyber attack textual artifacts
  Xuan Zhao ; Jay Luan ; Matt Wolff
Geo-Phisher: the design and evaluation of information visualizations about internet phishing trends
  Leah Zhang-Kennedy ; Elias Fares ; Sonia Chiasson ; Robert Biddle
Knowing your enemies: leveraging data analysis to expose phishing patterns against a major US financial institution
  Javier Vargas ; Alejandro Correa Bahnsen ; Sergio Villegas ; Daniel Ingevaldson
Profiling underground merchants based on network behavior
  Srikanth Sundaresan ; Damon McCoy ; Sadia Afroz ; Vern Paxson
REAPER: an automated, scalable solution for mass credential harvesting and OSINT

  Blake Butler ; Brad Wardman ; Nate Pratt

Revisiting password rules: facilitating human management of passwords
  Leah Zhang-Kennedy ; Sonia Chiasson ; Paul van Oorschot
"Smells Phishy?": An educational game about online phishing scams
  Malak Baslyman ; Sonia Chiasson
Taking down websites to prevent crime
  Alice Hutchings ; Richard Clayton ; Ross Anderson
When cybercrimes strike undergraduates
  Morvareed Bidgoli ; Bart P. Knijnenburg ; Jens Grossklags