2015 Accepted Research Papers

Beyond the lock icon: real-time detection of phishing websites using public key certificates
  Zheng Dong ; Apu Kapadia ; Jim Blythe ; L. Jean Camp
Chasing shuabang in apps stores
  Sergio de los Santos ; Antonio Guzman ; Chema Alonso ; Francisco Gomez Rodriguez
Global adversarial capability modeling
  Jonathan Spring ; Sarah Kern ; Alec Summers
Analysis of content copyright infringement in mobile application markets
  Ryan Johnson ; Nikolaos Kiourtis ; Angelos Stavrou ; Vincent Sritapan
Spammer success through customization and randomization of URLs
  Gary Warner ; Dhiraj Rajani ; Mike Nagy
Spare the rod, spoil the network security? Economic analysis of sanctions online
  Vaibhav Garg ; L. Jean Camp
Which malware lures work best? Measurements from a large instant messaging worm
  Tyler Moore ; Richard Clayton