2011 Accepted Papers

Controlling spam and spear phishing via peered network overlays and non-repudiable traceback
  Stephen W. Neville ; Michael Horie
High-performance content-based phishing attack detection
  Brad Wardman ; Tommy Stallings ; Gary Warner ; Anthony Skjellum
An expanding reference library for Peer-to-Peer content
  Jason Valdez ; Mina Guirguis ; David Wingate ; Rory Rinkevich
Phishing: Crime that pays
  Philip J. Nero ; Brad Wardman ; Heith Copes ; Gary Warner
The smuggling theory approach to organized digital crime
  Vaibhav Garg ; Nathaniel Husted ; Jean Camp
Taming Zeus by leveraging its own crypto internals
  Marco Riccardi ; Roberto Di Pietro ; Jorge Aguila Vila