2010 Accepted Papers

Authorship attribution of web forum posts
  Sangita R. Pillay ; Thamar Solorio
A framework for financial botnet analysis
  Marco Riccardi ; David Oro ; Jesus Luna ; Marco Cremonini ; Marc Vilanova
Koobface: The evolution of the social botnet
  Brian K. Tanner ; Gary Warner ; Henry Stern ; Scott Olechowski
NoTabNab: Protection against the "tabnabbing attack"
  Seckin Anil Unlu ; Kemal Bicakci
Automatically determining phishing campaigns using the USCAP methodology
  Robert Layton ; Paul Watters ; Richard Dazeley
Feature selection for Spam and Phishing detection
  Fergus Toolan ; Joe Carthy
On SCADA control system command and response injection and intrusion detection
  Wei Gao ; Thomas Morris ; Bradley Reaves ; Drew Richey
Securing IS assets through hacker deterrence: A case study
  Sean M. Zadig ; Gurvirender Tejay