2009 Accepted Papers

Humboldt: A distributed phishing disruption system
  Paul Knickerbocker ; Dongting Yu ; Jun Li
Phishing detection using classifier ensembles
  Fergus Toolan ; Joe Carthy
Burn Before Reading: A stealthy framework for combating live forensics examinations
  Mina Guirguis ; Jason Valdez ; Bassam El Lababedi ; Joseph Valdez
Determining provenance in phishing websites using automated conceptual analysis
  Robert Layton ; Paul Watters
Establishing phishing provenance using orthographic features
  Liping Ma ; John Yearwood ; Paul Watters
An exploration of unintended online private information disclosure in educational institutions across four countries
  Onook Oh ; Rajarshi Chakraborty ; H. R. Rao ; Shambhu Upadhyaya
Discovery, infiltration, and denial of service in a process control system wireless network
  Bradley Reaves ; Thomas Morris
Improving phishing countermeasures: An analysis of expert interviews
  Steve Sheng ; Ponnurangam Kumaraguru ; Alessandro Acquisti ; Lorrie Cranor ; Jason Hong
A novel anti-phishing framework based on honeypots
  Shujun Li ; Roland Schmitz
Identifying vulnerable websites by analysis of common strings in phishing URLs
  Brad Wardman ; Gaurang Shukla ; Gary Warner
Why do users trust the wrong messages? A behavioural model of phishing
  Paul A. Watters