2008 Accepted Papers

A distributed architecture for phishing detection using Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
  Saeed Abu-Nimeh ; Dario Nappa ; Xinlei Wang ; Suku Nair
Internet Situation Awareness
  Malte Hesse ; Norbert Pohlmann
Evolutionary study of phishing
  Danesh Irani ; Steve Webb ; Jonathon Giffin ; Calton Pu
The consequence of non-cooperation in the fight against phishing
  Tyler Moore ; Richard Clayton
Practice & prevention of home-router mid-stream injection attacks
  Steven Myers ; Sid Stamm
Lessons from a real world evaluation of anti-phishing training
  Ponnurangam Kumaraguru ; Steve Sheng ; Alessandro Acquisti ; Lorrie Faith Cranor ; Jason Hong
Legal risks for phishing researchers
  Christopher Soghoian
Automating phishing website identification through deep MD5 matching
  Brad Wardman ; Gary Warner