Working Agenda

Working Agenda
** Please Note, the agenda is a work in progress till just before the meeting.  We will add sessions as they are accepted but most of the details will not be updated before August.
Monday, 22 September  
Early Bird Reception Join us to start our discussions and meet the other attendees at a reception hosted by the UAB CyberSecurity Center in the Facebook Suite. Details will be provided to attendees before the meeting begins.
Tuesday, 23 September  
08:00 Registration  
09:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks Peter Cassidy
  APWG Cybercrime Assessment
09:15 The Enemy Within:
App Phishing and Riskware Menacing the Mobile Frontier
Dave Jevans
09:45 Wireless/Mobile Attack Trends Panel Moderator:
Dave Jevans
Marble Security &APWG

Shawn Loveland

Jack Johnson
Mark Monitor

Paul Burbage
10:30 Publication Proposal

Mobile Device
Cybercrime Attack
Trends Report

10:45 Break
11:15 OpSec Fail: PHP Code Reuse Leads to Vulnerabilities in Phish Kits Paul Burbage
11:50 Extending the AMDoS Use Case:
Adding Registrars to the Suspension Cycle
Dave Piscitello and Friends
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Throwing STIX at the TAXII:
Practical Use Cases for STIX/TAXII as a Cybercrime Reporting Format
Pat Cain
14:00 STOP. THINK. CONNECT. in N America, E. Asia & Latin America
Steps to a Global Footprint
Shinichi Tankyo
Hitachi Systems

Aimee Larsen-Kirkpatrick
ALK Strategies

Jordi Aguila Vila
APWG.EU / La Caixa
14:30 Networking Break
15:30 APWG Steering Committee Meeting  
  All registered attendees from APWG Steering Committee member organizations and invited guest are invited to attend this meeting. Expect the meeting to run about 1.5 hours.
17:30 Steering Committee & Speaker Reception  

After the Steering Committee Meeting our speakers are invited to join the Steering Committee as our guest for a special reception. Details will be announced before the meeting.

Wednesday, 24 September  
8:30 Registration  
9:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks Foy Shiver
  eCrime Research Summit Day One
  Applied Research Keynote
9:40 Internet Crime Scenes: Favorite Phishing Spawning Grounds

April Lorenzen
Dissect Cyber Inc

10:15 Internet-Scale DNS Change Detection Henry Stern
Farsight Security
10:45 Break
11:15 Old Dog. New Tricks Przemek Jaroszewski
11:45 Evaluating Phishing Attacks: DMARC and non-DMARC Intelligence Robert Holmes
Return Path

Gary Warner
  eCrime Research Paper Presentations
12:15 The Check is in the Mail: Monetization of Craigslist Buyer Scams Jackie Jones and Damon McCoy
12:40 Lunch
13:30 Analyzing Social and Stylometric Features to Identify Spear phishing Emails Prateek Dewan, Anand Kashyap and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru.
13:55 Deep Dive into Short URL based e-Crime Detection Neha Gupta, Anupama Aggarwal and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
  Cybercrime and Law Enforcement
14:20 Industry and Law Enforcement:
Mapping the Collaborative Nexus for Managing Cybercrime in the 21st Century
Dyann Bradbury
Digital River / InfraGard
14:55 Public Safety Registrar:
A SECOPS Community Perspective
Dave Piscitello
15:25 Break
  eCrime Research Paper Presentations
15:55 Emerging Phishing Trends and Effectiveness of the Anti-Phishing Landing Page Srishti Gupta and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
16:15 Orchestrated Crime: The High Yield Investment Fraud Ecosystem Jens Neisius and Richard Clayton
16:35 Electronic Document Counterfeiting and the NextGen Control Fraud Dan Clemens
Packet Ninjas

Peter Cassidy
16:55 Wednesday Ending Announcements
17:00 Birds of a Feather
Ad hoc sessions for discusion with peers on topics of interest.
  APWG Member Data Resources and Utilities Mike D'Ambrogia
19:30 Award Dinner  
  Registered attendees for eCrime 2014, Speakers and Staff are invited to join us for refreshments and dinner this evening at Good Peoples Brewing. A Shuttle will be provided from the hotel.
Thursday, 25 September  
9:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks Foy Shiver
  eCrime Research Summit Day Two
  Enterprise Management
9:40 Assessing the Gap:
Measure the Impact of Phishing on Your Organization

Brad Wardman

10:15 Phorecasting Phishing Attacks

Dan Clemens

10:45 Break
11:15 BISANS: Doing to Botz What We Did for Phishing URLs Pat Cain
11:45 APWG Accredited Reporter Program Peter Cassidy
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Global Phishing Survey: Trends and Cybergang Domain Name Abuse in 1H2014 Rod Rasmussen
  Internet Policy Committee - Programs in Development Review

Rod Rasmussen

Greg Arron



Closing Announcements
End of Program Networking Break

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